Grand Opening!

So, here we go. This is the very first post on my very new blog, and I’m very excited! Actually, what I’m most excited about is that my 10-week-old, F, has been sleeping and/or entertaining himself (mostly) silently IN HIS BASSINET for the past 2 hours. This is huge because F *HATES* his bassinet. As a matter of fact, confession time, my baby will really only sleep soundly either a. on me or my husband, or b. on a pillow, in the bed, between me and my husband. I know, I know, we are horrible monster parents for allowing our teeny tiny lil’ child to sleep like that, but I’ve talked to a bunch of moms over the past few weeks between my babywearing group and all of my mommy friends (some of whom are DOCTORS) and this “dangerous” co-sleeping seems to be every parent’s dirty little secret. Which has me feeling vindicated. (I do feel guilty about it, though, so I keep putting the kid in his bassinet in hopes that I no longer have to take my child’s life LITERALLY IN MY HANDS every night *cue dramatic music*). Tonight, my persistence seems to’ve paid off (yay!). I’m chalking it up to our busy weekend, though. I definitely kept F on-the-go.

We kicked off Saturday by heading over to the grand opening celebration of ZukaBaby‘s second location here in the Greater New Orleans area. ZukaBaby is a natural parenting boutique which means they have a fantastic selection of cloth diapers, organic baby (and mama) care products, baby carriers, nursing bras, and fun, locally made items with that unmistakable NOLA flair. Someone said their original location, on Magazine St., is larger, but the highlight of the new location is the upstairs loft. ZukaBaby has partnered with NOLA Nesting, a doula collective, and transformed that loft space into a NURSING LOUNGE! It’s absolutely beautiful and I wish I’d taken pictures of it (sorry), but here’s a shot of F chillaxin’ in one of the rocking chairs:

Won't someone fix my jacket? Mom? Anyone?
Won’t someone fix my jacket? Mom? Anyone?

You’re welcome. Their ultimate goal is to use the lounge not only as a peaceful, comfortable place for mamas to breastfeed, but as a cozy space for classes and baby showers. Despite the newness of the space, ZukaBaby and NOLANesting have an already impressive calendar of special events and regular programming that they’re adding to constantly. There are Mommy and Me play dates run by a local occupational therapist, as well as cloth diapering info sessions, babywearing meetups, and prenatal yoga. I’m totally looking forward to taking advantage of the educational opportunities there. In the short time since having F, I’ve become a pretty active member of the aforementioned NOLA Babywearers group. I think talking with other like-minded moms about mothering is invaluable to a first-time mom like me. Meeting other parents and having an actual conversation with them is far more helpful than relying on Dr. Google for advice/insight. But I digress…

The ZukaBaby bash was loads of fun and I even bought a Bum Genius wet bag (in “Albert”) for my own cloth diapering endeavors which, if I’m being honest here, have not gone as well as I’d hoped (F is currently rocking a Pampers ‘sposie, but more on that later). All things considered, F is plum tuckered out, which is probably why he’s sleeping so well this evening. That, or we could be looking at some amazing infant sleep BREAKTHROUGH that I will somehow muck up when we hit a nighttime parade this carnival season. Here’s hoping you’re getting some sleep yourself, but if you’re not, hop on over to my Twitter page. You may find me up at some ungodly hour, nursing F and posting something hilarious with my free hand. Sweet dreams!